Created An Ad That Focuses on Small Business During Holiday Shopping Season

In six years of promoting the StickerGiant brand, my proudest moment will be found below in this recent piece of creative.

Working with Chase (our cinematographer) and Hamish (our ad strategist) was a true joy. We created a story that’s timeless, which is no small feat on this budget or this timeline.

The full story will go here. It covers how the script, on-location shooting and overall vision and campaign came together. And how it was delayed due to weather and other factors, and yet how it delivered.

I served as creative lead, co-wrote the script, performed voice work and coordinated set locations, talent and cinematography.

(Results to come. This ad has been out for all of 24 hours.)


Published by Andrew Matranga

Higher Educator at the University of Denver. Marketer at StickerGiant.

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