Brand Journalism Rocks!

As a Brand Journalist. I share customer stories. This focus on customer-centric storytelling is a sea change in the world of marketing.

Back in 2004, the CMO of McDonald’s introduced the term Brand Journalism at an Advertising Age Conference and thus formalized concept to the larger world of advertising.

From an article by Larry Light, former CMO of McDonald’s:

The concept of brand journalism is not only shaking up traditional views of brand management, it is also shaking up traditional views of journalism. Brand journalism is evolving into content creation, using journalistic skills; it is redefining what news is and how it should be communicated on behalf of a brand.

Larry Light, Global Branding Thought Leader.

Now, people like me have turned that notion into an entire way of doing business and telling stories.

On this page, I will share examples of how brand journalism is changing marketing and communications as I develop my own definition and approach toward Brand Journalism.

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