Slides from #CannabisJournalism talk at Longmont Startup Week

Look at that hair! Thanks Pinpoint Bookmarking for the photo.


I gave a short talk at Longmont Startup Week on Wednesday, July 27th. Thanks to Pinpoint Bookmarking for the photo above. Always nice to get a Tweet shoutout at a presentation.

I’d love to follow up with any who attended, or anyone who is interesting the normalization of cannabis. There are many threads to follow when it comes to this topic, and I am always game to talk shop. Hit me up on Twitter @andrewmatranga.


#CannabisJournalism slides for talk at Journalism Interactive 2016

Hippodrome, Gainesville, Florida. Photo from Wikimedia.
Hippodrome, Gainesville, Florida. Photo from Wikimedia.

I am in Gainesville, Florida this weekend for the annual Journalism Interactive Conference. This year the College of Journalism and Communications at the University of Florida is putting on the show. The Hippodrome, the room where the talk is taking place is beautiful, and it’s one of the nicer stages that I’ve had the opportunity to grace. Looking forward, but naturally there’s the speaker’s nerves. There’s a live stream on YouTube, so check that out. I’ll be up at 4pm, EST.

During “The Big Think” speaker session, I will be talking during the Teach-a-Thon portion about #CannabisJournalism and America’s New Normal, and how this new reporting topic has informed some of my teaching at the University of Denver’s Department of Media, Film and Journalism Studies.

Here are the slides from my talk. Please drop me a note on Twitter if you have questions.

You can follow of the #jiconf action on Twitter.


Month in Review: #CannabisJournalism, #DigitalJournos, and #CoderJournos

I have spent the past few months curating content for three primary threads that I teach at the University of Denver: #CannabisJournalism, #DigitalJournos, and #CoderJournos.


I have been active on the #CannabisJournalism beat because it’s moving so fast and because I will be teaching the class in December as another interterm.


It’s been a good seven weeks of #DigitalJournos, and it’s clear the class is getting the hang of tweeting and WordPressing and running Twitter analytics.


In my web design class, the #CoderJournos have been sourcing interesting content on web trends and digital design. They are also deep in the WordPressing, analyzing and tweeting.

Some Relevant Tweets