Cannabis Media Consulting

Andrew Matranga lecturing about cannabis journalism in 2016.
Giving my New Normal lecture at Journalism Interactive 2016. (Video at the bottom of the page.)

Colorado’s legalization of cannabis is a big story. Huge. And this story has never been a laughing matter for me.

As an Assistant Teaching Professor at the University of Denver, I created the first Cannabis Journalism course in the country. My goal is to empower the next generation of journalists with the skills they need to report on America’s new normal. With other states looking to Colorado as an example, of what to do and what not to do, accurate and responsible reporting on cannabis is more critical than ever. All jokes and puns aside, this is a serious topic, with far-reaching implications, from federal drug policy and international trade to local taxes and even vending machine ordinances.

Travel most anywhere and mention that you are from Colorado, and the conversation inevitably moves toward the story of marijuana and its legalization. Marijuana has become one of Colorado’s defining news stories.

I know the cannabis industry here in Colorado and throughout the country, and as a technologist and educator, I am well versed in today’s media ecosystem. I’ve led workshops on digital and cannabis journalism at the annual Online News Association and Journalism Interactive conferences. I am available for speaking engagements, and I am open to story ideas and consulting projects. If you’re looking to talk cannabis, fill out the form below.

Head to Cannabis Journalism for more on this class. Also follow #CannabisJournalism on Twitter for the daily news on this beat.

Here’s a stream of my presentation during the 2016 version of Journalism Interactive, a conference on digital media and education.

Let’s talk about cannabis projects. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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