Month in Review: #CannabisJournalism, #DigitalJournos, and #CoderJournos

I have spent the past few months curating content for three primary threads that I teach at the University of Denver: #CannabisJournalism, #DigitalJournos, and #CoderJournos.


I have been active on the #CannabisJournalism beat because it’s moving so fast and because I will be teaching the class in December as another interterm.


It’s been a good seven weeks of #DigitalJournos, and it’s clear the class is getting the hang of tweeting and WordPressing and running Twitter analytics.


In my web design class, the #CoderJournos have been sourcing interesting content on web trends and digital design. They are also deep in the WordPressing, analyzing and tweeting.

Some Relevant Tweets


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